Postgrad Careers Day

The time to search for jobs is getting closer and closer.  This week, I did myself a favour (unlike when I was a cocky undergrad) and went to a careers day aimed at postgrads.

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My Favourite Kind-Of-History-Related Podcasts

…well, maybe not so much ‘favourite’ as just ‘all the ones I listen to because I’ve only just got into podcasts and am working my way through a few different ones.’  And my favourite podcast of all is The Black Tapes, which I couldn’t relate to history if I tried.  But yeah, podcasts.  Didn’t really used to bother with them, because I’d have rather been listening to music or reading, now something to listen to between going to bed and going to sleep, or in the bath (less risk of soggy technology death with a phone on the floor than a Kindle in the bath).  Now I have ones I particularly like and everything.

My Favourite Kind-Of-History-Related Podcasts →