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Book witterings

I read a ridiculous number of books, and always have a huge TBR pile! My favourite genre is crime fiction, but I also love general and historical fiction and read some non-fiction, sci-fi and fantasy if I come across something that looks good.

I read 11 non-fiction, crime and thriller, fantasy and historical fiction books in February, yet my TBR list never gets any smaller.
In The Wych Elm, Tana French has created a small, self-contained universe full of paranoia, suspicion, and game-playing, and raised questions about the reliability of memory and what makes someone 'good'.
The Library Book is like libraries themselves: it's wide-ranging, full of life, and you get a hell of a lot out of it.
Darling is rich, timely, unpredictable and unputdownable.
What I read in January 2019
January felt like such a long month, so I'm not surprised I managed to fit in 11 books!
You Were Gone is thrilling, emotional, and genuinely scary.
Conversations with Friends isn't something I'd normally read, but it's pacey and well-written, and gave me a lot to pick over.
Milkman is like chocolate fudge cake. It's rich and satisfying, but you have to pace yourself.
It has to be a good sign when your first read of the year gets five stars, right?
What better way to start a new blog than with a round-up of the books I loved in 2018 and the ones I'm looking forward to in 2019?