What I read in November 2020

Another 15 books read. I don’t know if I’m getting more critical in my old age, but I gave up on two books this month (not included in this list). Maybe if I’d read them at a different time, I’d have been more forgiving/been in the mood for that kind of book and stuck with them. Ho hum.

I don’t have many tours/Netgalley reviews planned for this month because nothing really comes out in December. I also have two weeks of dead time to fill over Christmas, and I’ve found that blogging really helps me feel like I’ve achieved something on empty days. So I guess I’ll be reviewing books I happened to be reading anyway, or producing a few end-of-year lists to keep myself sane.

The Wrong Sort to Die, Away with the Penguins, The Lockdown Diary of Tom Cooper, Six Feet Under, Sourcery

The Wrong Sort to Die, by Paula Harmon - 4*

Away with the Penguins, by Hazel Prior - delightful. 5*

The Lockdown Diary of Tom Cooper, by Spencer Brown - 4*

Six Feet Under, by Colin Garrow - 4*

Sourcery, by Terry Pratchett - 3.5*

Rough Country, Reality and other stories, The Rain Before It Falls, The Searcher, Crime and Justice

Rough Country, by T. J. Brearton - 4.5*

Reality and other stories, by John Lanchester - 3.5*

The Rain Before It Falls, by Jonathan Coe - 4*

The Searcher, by Tana French - 4*

Crime and Justice, by Martin Bodenham - 4.5*

Crossbones Yard, Contacts, The Stone Diaries, Shadow Sands, The Animals at Lockwood Manor

Crossbones Yard, by Kate Rhodes - 4*

Contacts, by Mark Watson - mainly good but the ending was a bit WTF. 4*

The Stone Diaries, by Carol Shields - glowing review coming soon! 5*

Shadow Sands, by Robert Bryndza - I’m sorry, but I had to knock off half a star for wrongful use of the title ‘Professor’. 4.5*

The Animals at Lockwood Manor, by Jane Healey - 4*

Looking ahead…

Crash Land, Good Girl, Man at the Helm, Hiding from the Light, The House of Sleep

Good Girl, by the ever-reliable Mel Sherratt, is the only December release I have on pre-order (other than a Netgalley download that could go either way). In December, I’m mainly going to be digging further into the back catalogues of authors I’m coming to love (hence the other four choices!) and working my way through my physical and digital library piles before they expire.

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