What I read in May 2019

May was a rare month where I actually read everything I planned to! Not that my TBR pile has shrunk a bit. Quite the opposite, in fact…

I’m noticing some definite themes in the kinds of books I pick up: smart and unconventional teenage girls; stories-within-stories; the blending of past and present; strange goings-on; previous generations’ sins and mistakes coming to haunt the present.

The Secrets of Gaslight Lane, Their Little Secret, London Rules, All Among the Barley, The Bird in the Tree

The Secrets of Gaslight Lane, by M. R. C. Kasasian - 4*

Their Little Secret, by Mark Billingham - 3.5*

London Rules, by Mick Herron - 4.5*

All Among the Barley, by Melissa Harrison - 4.5*

The Bird in the Tree, by Elizabeth Goudge - 4*

Finders Keepers, The Ghost Tree, Hell Bay, Pulp, The Rotters' Club

Finders Keepers, by Belinda Bauer - 4*

The Ghost Tree, by Barbara Erskine - 4.5*

Hell Bay, by Kate Rhodes - 4*

Pulp, by Robin Talley - 3.5*

The Rotters’ Club, by Jonathan Coe - 4*

Lowborn, Wakenhyrst, The Dream Thieves

Lowborn, by Kerry Hudson - 4.5*

Wakenhyrst, by Michelle Paver - 4.5*

The Dream Thieves, by Maggie Stiefvater - 4.5*

Looking ahead…

Big Sky, The Five, All That's Dead, Common People, Never Be Broken

My June plans are quite crime and non-fiction heavy! Lots of crime authors bring out their new books in the summer months, probably to catch the holiday market. I always pre-order any new Stuart MacBride book as soon as I know it’s coming - his books are darkly hilarious treats. I’m really excited for the long-awaited new Jackson Brodie novel from Kate Atkinson, and the new Sarah Hilary release, Never Be Broken, sounds like an amazing addition to an awesome series.

I’ve also been waiting a long time for The Five, by Hallie Rubenhold, as I started at about 25th in the reservations queue, and Common People, edited by Kit de Waal, which I pledged for with Unbound quite a while ago now, and looks fantastic.

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