What I read in July 2020

In July, I read 20 books. I don’t know how this happened, I certainly wasn’t trying to read that many! And I didn’t actually read all the ones I said I would in last month’s round-up…

When I wasn’t reading more books than I realised, I watched Little Fires Everywhere on Amazon Prime, and The Baby-sitters Club on Netflix. Both are close enough to the books to satisfy me, yet I didn’t feel like I was going over old ground, especially with the latter, where they’ve diversified the cast and added present-day issues. The BSC gave me massive warm and fuzzies and I can’t wait for more!

A Dark Matter, An American Marriage, The Collector, Diary of Nobody, The Secret of Creek Cottage

A Dark Matter, by Doug Johnson - new favourite author? I think so! 5*

An American Marriage, by Tayari Jones - 4*

The Collector, by John Maher - 4*

Diary of a Nobody, by George & Weedon Grossmith - 3.5*

The Secret of Creek Cottage, by Tina M. Edwards - 4*

Equal Rites, The Big Chill, Tennis Lessons, Self Care, Norse Mythology

Equal Rites, by Terry Pratchett - I feel like this is where he really starts to hit his stride? 4.5*

The Big Chill, by Doug Johnstone - 4.5*

Tennis Lessons, by Susannah Dickey - 4.5*

Self Care, by Leigh Stein - 4*

Norse Mythology, by Neil Gaiman - 4*

The Sin Eater, A History of Solitude, Paris Savages, Breakers, Miss Graham's Cold War Cookbook

The Sin Eater, by Megan Campisi - 4*

A History of Solitude, by David Vincent - has its moments, but overall not really the kind of history book that lights me up. 3.5*

Paris Savages, by Katherine Johnson - 4*

Breakers, by Doug Johnstone - 4.5*

Miss Graham’s Cold War Cookbook, by Celia Rees - sublime. 5*

The Space Between Worlds, The Whispering House, The Lantern Men, The Many Lives of Heloise Starchild, The Stray Cats of Homs

The Space Between Worlds, by Micaiah Johnson - 4.5*

The Whispering House, by Elizabeth Brooks - 3*

The Lantern Men, by Elly Griffiths - I reserved this from the library before lockdown and I finally got to borrow it! Well worth the wait. 4.5*

The Many Lives of Heloise Starchild, by John Ironmonger - 4.5*

The Stray Cats of Homs, by Eva Nour - 4*

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