What I read in April 2020

As anticipated, in April I read about the same number of books I normally do, but upped my review game with five new posts, and May is looking good with seven lined up so far (disclaimer: some of these are blog tours/proofs I signed up for before lockdown!). I’ve been enjoying doing more with my blog, but I do miss my partner and going out to eat.

A Theatre for Dreamers, The Cutting Place, The Lost Future of Pepperharrow, Antigone Rising, The Giver of Stars

A Theatre for Dreamers, by Polly Samson - 4*

The Cutting Place, by Jane Casey - 4.5*

The Lost Future of Pepperharrow, by Natasha Durley. Imaginative, historical, intriguing, spooky - 5*

Antigone Rising, by Helen Morales - 4*

The Giver of Stars, by Jojo Moyes - 4*

All Change, This Lovely City, The Figure in the Photograph, Magpie Lane, Children in Chains

All Change, by Elizabeth Jane Howard - 5*

This Lovely City, by Louise Hare - 4*

The Figure in the Photograph, by Kevin Sullivan - 3*

Magpie Lane, by Lucy Atkins - 4.5*

Children in Chains, by Lorraine Mace - 4.5*

Finding Dora Maar, The Patience of a Dead Man, The Colour of Magic, Gallows Court, The Running Lie

Finding Dora Maar, by Brigitte Benkemoun - 4.5*

The Patience of a Dead Man, by Michael Clark - 4*

The Colour of Magic, by Terry Pratchett - thought it was about time I started reading some Discworld, and there was no queue on the library eBook. 4*

Gallows Court, by Martin Edwards - 3*

The Running Lie, by Jennifer Young - 5*

Looking ahead…

Cold Crash, Remain Silent, The Glass House, Injections of Insanity, The Cat and the City

So, I didn’t end up reading The Cat and the City as I said I would in last month’s round-up because the publication date changed, so it slipped down my review queue. Unless it changes again, I will definitely read it this month! The Glass House, by Eve Chase, is another title I saw on Netgalley and really liked the look of.

I’m looking forward to reading Cold Crash, by Jennifer Young, having really enjoyed reading its sequel, The Running Lie for an upcoming blog tour. I also have high expectations of Remain Silent, by Susie Steiner, because I loved her previous two books, and Injections of Insanity will complete my effort to read everything Lorraine Mace has written having been impressed by Rage and Retribution on a blog tour.

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