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A Star Named Vega

I received an excerpt from this book to read and judge as part of the 2022 BBNYA competition organised by TheWriteReads. All opinions are my own, unbiased and honest.

This year, the Book Bloggers’ Novel of the Year Award (BBNYA) is celebrating the 50 books that made it into Round Two with a mini spotlight blitz tour for each title.

BBNYA is a yearly competition where book bloggers from all over the world read and score books written by indie authors, ending with 15 finalists and one overall winner.

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The book

A Star Named Vega

‘The 30th century is a technological paradise. Androids have built a utopian future of advanced robotics, augmented reality, and simulated worlds. Humanity thrives across the Thirteen Suns.

‘Why not spread some chaos, shake things up a bit?

‘Aster Vale leads a secret life as the Wildflower, a competitive street artist with dreams of infamy. When her father joins a mysterious research project in the Vega System, Aster sees their luxury starcruiser as just another canvas to explore. How else is she supposed to channel all this teenage rebellion?

‘But not everyone prospers in this world of synthetic gods. Rel Akepri is a young soldier from a broken planet, genetically engineered for war. The research project in the Vega System now threatens the fate of his people, and he must embark upon a deadly mission to stop it.

‘Rel’s orders: intercept the starcruiser on its voyage to Vega, or face extinction.

‘Perhaps Aster might find something new to fight for.’

The author

Benjamin J Roberts

Ben Roberts lives in Cambridge, England. He enjoys watercolours, cooking, and making computers bend to his will by force-feeding them chunks of poorly written code.

I read a 10,000-word extract of A Star Named Vega for the second round of the competition and I would have loved to have seen it get through to the final round (and read the whole thing - another one for the ever-growing TBR list!).

My impression is that it was really imaginative and well-written, and I was mesmerised by Aster’s world. Also, how stunning is that cover?

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