What I read in October 2021

I seem to be reading one book less each month. At this rate, in April 2022 I’ll be reading nothing! Can’t have that happening.

The Kingdoms, The Lighthouse Witches, Mary Swann, Dark Secrets

The Kingdoms, by Natasha Pulley = 4*

The Lighthouse Witches, by C. J. Cooke - this month’s Book Shelf Raiders pick. 4.5*

Mary Swann, by Carol Shields - 4.5*

Dark Secrets, by Sally Rigby - 4*

Happenstance, Ellie and the Harpmaker, Wish You Weren't Here

Happenstance, by Carol Shields - 4*

Ellie and the Harpmaker, by Hazel Prior - 3.5*

Wish You Weren’t Here, by Gabby Hutchinson Crouch - 4.5*

Looking ahead…

The Haunting Season, The Book Collector, Psychopaths Anonymous, Conjure Women, Call of the Penguins

Once again, I’ve read two of these books (Psychopaths Anonymous, by Will Carver, and The Haunting Season) in the part of the month that has elapsed so far, and very good they were too! Psychopaths Anonymous was for a blog tour, as is Hazel Prior’s Call of the Penguins, both tours I signed up to on the strength of the authors’ previous novels.

This month’s Book Shelf Raiders theme is ‘judge a book by its cover’, and I have quite a few books I’ve had so long that I’ve forgotten the blurbs but the covers look nice! I picked out a selection and asked what I should read on my Instagram and The Book Collector by Alice Thompson and Conjure Women, by Afia Atakora came out equally, so I’ll read both and see which I have more to say about in the meeting.

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