What I read in May 2024

Still reading, still not writing much other than reviews. It’s Emotional Madness next week, and I’m reading an old piece (that will nonetheless be new to most of the audience).

Still, if this creative writing thing totally goes down the pan, maybe I can make a name for myself as someone who’s handy to have on a quiz team. Apparently it’s not common knowledge that Channel 5 started in 1997, or that Countdown was the first programme on Channel 4? Shooketh.

The Garden of Delights, Dial A for Aunties, The Continental Affair, The Art of Space Travel and other stories, The Theatre of Glass and Shadows

The Garden of Delights, by Amal Singh - 4.5*

Dial A For Aunties, by Jessie Q. Sutanto - 4*

The Continental Affair, by Christine Mangan - 3*

The Art of Space Travel and other stories, by Nina Allen - ugh, I love her writing so much. 5*

The Theatre of Glass and Shadows, by Anne Corlett - 4*

The Sentence, Echoes of Drowning, Beloved, The Left-Handed Booksellers of London, Boys Who Hurt

The Sentence, by Louise Erdrich - 4.5*

Echoes of Drowning, by Lis McDermott - 3.5*

Beloved, by Toni Morrison - 4.5*

The Left-Handed Booksellers of London, by Garth Nix - 3.5*

Boys Who Hurt, by Eva Björg Ægisdóttir, translated by Victoria Cribb - review coming soon! 4*

Broken Light, The Bird's Nest, Mum and Boy

Broken Light, by Joanne Harris - 4*

The Bird’s Nest, by Shirley Jacksosn - 5*

Mum and Boy, by Stephen Anthony Brotherton - review coming soon! 4*

Looking ahead…

As in May, apart from scheduled tours and requested reviews, I’m going to see where the mood takes me this month.

Quite a few of last month’s reads were ones that had been on my pile for a while, but I can’t say it’s got any smaller, because I’m constantly coming across books that sound like exactly my sort of thing!

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