What I read in February 2024

At least February went a bit quicker than January did, even with the extra day. I read 13 books, and wrote a piece for Emotional Madness this coming Thursday… not much else to report, really!

Mother Death, Old Babes in the Wood, The Good Neighbours, The Beautiful Visit, The Sleeping Beauties

Mother Death, by Paul O’Neill - 4*

Old Babes in the Wood, by Margaret Atwood - 4*

The Good Neighbours, by Nina Allan - 4.5*

The Beautiful Visit, by Elizabeth Jane Howard - 4*

The Sleeping Beauties, by Lucy Ashe - 4.5*

The Haunted Tea Set & Other Stories, A Portable Shelter, Hangsaman, Crow Moon, Splendid Anatomies

The Haunted Tea Set & Other Stories, by Sarah Jackson - 5*

A Portable Shelter, by Kirsty Logan - 4*

Hangsaman, by Shirley Jackson - 4*

Crow Moon, by Suzy Aspley - 4*

Splendid Anatomies: stories, by Allison Wyss - 4*

The Infinite, Home Sweet Hell, Freshwater

The Infinite, by Ada Hoffmann - the last in the series is always the best, in a bittersweet way. 5*

Home Sweet Hell, by Gabby Hutchinson-Crouch - see above. 5*

Freshwater, by Akwaeke Emezi - 4.5*

Looking ahead…

The Collapsing Wave, One Eye Opened in That Other Place, The Grand Illusion, Mind Of My Mind, Girl Unmasked

As ever, there’s loads of books I want to read, and never enough time!

I’ve previously enjoyed books by Doug Johnstone, Christi Nogle, and Syd Moore, so expect I’ll be saying good things on the blog tours for their new releases!

Girl Unmasked, by Emily Katy, is another review book that looks to be fascinating and validating.

I’m also looking forward to reading more of Octavia E. Butler’s work with Mind Of My Mind.

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