A Tale of Two Books

This week has mostly involved two books - one I loved, one I hated.  I’m going to talk about the one I hated first, so I can get the negativity out of the way.  I’ll also say less about it as I want this blog to be positive (and not like essay criticism where there seems to be a rule that the negative paragraph has to be the same length as the positive one, however minor the criticisms are!).

A Tale of Two Books →

Last Week Of Term (for some, anyway!)

This is the first of the more wordy blog posts I hope to make at least once a week.  I think I’ll usually do them on Fridays.  I try not to work at the weekend but I thought I’d do this one today so my new blog doesn’t just consist of two photos!  If anyone wants to follow me on here, please be aware that I can only follow back on my primary account, which is silly and frivolous so please don’t feel obliged to follow that one too.

Last Week Of Term (for some, anyway!) →