Three weeks to go: IT IS DONE (pretty much)

Very short blog this week.  I’ll actually be at a conference when this appears online (the wonders of Tumblr), so that’ll give me something to write about next week at least!  Just popping in really, to keep the ‘x weeks to go’ thing going, and say that on Monday, I finished the fine-tooth comb edit of my thesis.  I somehow managed to delete enough words that it ended up at 80,000 exactly, which I’m pretty amazed by.  Of course, I’ll read it through again at some point in the next three weeks, and I need to change the margins (which will probably mess up all my footnotes and page breaks) and add all the paraphernalia at the beginning and end, but that’s all formalities really.  For all intents and purposes, my thesis is done.

I started looking for jobs.  I looked all afternoon on Monday and found a grand total of two that had suitable pay and hours and that I would be in any way considered for.  Wondering if people are holding off advertising jobs until after the referendum.  Of course, if we leave the EU, chances are there won’t be any jobs and I’ll be in the exact same position I was in when I first graduated, six years ago, at the height of the recession.


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