> > 'The importance of strict domestic discipline is curiously illustrated by a fact mentioned in Mrs. Schimmelpenninck's Memoirs, to the following effect: that a lady who, with her husband, had inspected most of the lunatic asylums of England and the Continent, found the most numerous class of patients was almost always composed of those who had been only children, and whose wills had therefore rarely been thwarted or disciplined in early life; whilst those who were members of large families, and who had been trained in self-discipline, were far less frequent victims to the malady.' > >

From Samuel Smiles, Character, 1871 (http://www.gutenberg.org/files/2541/2541-h/2541-h.htm).  Was just cruising through the book looking for general characteristics people were encouraged to cultivate in their children when this popped out at me!

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