One week to go: familiarity breeds contempt

Well, submission day seems very close now.  I may actually have to start considering which pub(s) to go to that evening.  This week I started my final re-read of my thesis.  I’ve already caught a few typos and (having had to change the margins to fit springback binders) orphaned ‘ibids’, but it is so boring!  I know my thesis inside out, so having to read it yet again is really dull, albeit very necessary.  I have no worries about finishing it on time, just so long as I keep myself caffeinated!

Other than that, this week I went on a crash course in statistics and SPSS, in an attempt to make myself more employable.  I’ve done statistics and SPSS before, but so long ago that I wouldn’t have been able to justify saying I could do them!  I found that I picked the concepts back up pretty quickly, so that made me feel good about myself - I continue to be a quick learner, and my brain isn’t too rusty!  It was good to do something new alongside covering the old ground of my thesis.

I also had my first job interview (for this phase of needing-a-job, not ever).  It would be great if I got the job and didn’t have to do any more, really - not only because it’s a job I really want (and I hope that showed in the interview!), but  I’ve spent the last two days in a constant state of ‘argh, I should have said x’, ‘argh, I shouldn’t have said y’, and ‘ugh, I’m never going to be the best person in any group of people’.  It’s exhausting and completely unnecessary - the decision is out of my hands, so worrying about it isn’t going to make any difference, but still my brain churns.

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