No proper blog post this week

As my PhD nears its end and un/employment approaches, I’m rapidly running out of things to blog about, so I’ve decided to stop doing a post every Friday, and just write one when I have something of substance to say.  Rest assured that even though at this point I’m unlikely to stay in academia, I will keep blogging!  My URL may become a little misleading though, hmm…

I’ve had a productive week - I’ve deleted a whopping 13,000 words of thesis, and I just need to add a couple of extra references and draft the cursed conclusion, and then full draft 2.docx will be done.  After that I’ll have a few days away from the thesis (by which I mean I’ve got marking to do) and start working on full draft 3.docx, which I hope will become absolute final thesis.docx.  I’m still a couple of thousand words over without the conclusion, so it’s going to be a case of ‘how can I rephrase this sentence in fewer words?’ and ‘do I really need this example, much as I like it?’  When I think about it, though, I need to delete fewer than a thousand words from each chapter.  How bad can it possibly be?

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