Holidays are coming. Sort of.

Not much to report this week, to be honest - currently in marking hell, where I will also be at the start of next week and on the weird days of purgatory between Christmas and New Year’s.  I did go to the Terror and Wonder Gothic exhibition at the British Library today though - as well as being extremely interesting, it was nice to see a bit of the library other than the reading rooms.

I won’t be posting the next two Fridays what with it being that time of year and all, though I’m going to try to tidy up the sidebar a bit by consolidating the links to previous posts into months, which means there will still be some activity.  In the meantime, here’s a terrible thing I wrote last year that got rather overlooked because not many people knew about my blog then.  Thanks to everyone who’s read my blog this year, and I hope I can stay interesting enough to keep you coming back in 2015.  So without further ado…

On the twelth day of Christmas my research gave to me
12 corrective scribbles
11 library books
10 journal articles
9 development courses
8 conferences
7 different archives
6 boards a-sitting
4 published works
3 dead ends
2 big rewrites
And a history PhD!

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